Personal Crusade of Gino Duncan, CEO of DM Bicycle Company

Deontological approach is based on the set of rules which are “due” (Nash, 2010). From the perspective of this approach, it is not possible to make the decision regarding the dilemmas, because, on one hand, social rules dictate that CSR programs and financing medical research are inherently good; on the other hand, key values in


Possible implications of LEOSS tool The screening technique created by Sheehan & Van Hasselt (2003) represents an easy and convenient assessment of identifying distress in law enforcement officers. The tool is based on two scales for evaluating 25 typical scenarios which might emerge in law enforcement officer’s professional and personal environment (Sheehan & Van Hasselt,

Strategy is Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy described in Chapter 12 of the United States Bankruptcy Code relates to farming and fishing family businesses, and is based on the Family Farmer Bankruptcy Act issued in 1986; the chapter itself started functioning since 1987 (David, 2008). According to Chapter 12, special protection is provided for family farmers whose debts are less or

Stop the Abuse

It looks now that the hardest part is passed and a person should be happy with the normal life where there is no place for drugs. Nevertheless, many people who passed through all the steps decide to come back to abuse again. What is the reason? There is one important aspect that people need to

Exploration of a Word “Education”

  Works cited Schooling and social capital in diverse cultures / edited by Bruce Fuller, Emily Hannum. — Emerald JAI, 2007, c2008. — (Research in sociology of education / series editors Bruce Fuller and Emily Hannum ; v. 13). Education and modernization: the Chinese experience. [S.l.] : Pergamon , 1992

Steve Jobs Leadership Style

Generally, it is very difficult to predict will be the person a good leader solely on the basis of his personality traits. Therefore, over time, researchers began to incline to the view that it is not enough to consider only some personality traits. Also, the situation in which these traits manifest themselves should be taken

Stem Cell Research: An Opinion

Stem cells from umbilical cord blood have specific characteristics that allow them to be stored for a long time, and they are used to replace various types of cells. In addition, their removal is painless, safe, and not inconsistent with ethical considerations. Adult stem cells of the body. During the life of an adult organism

Statistics of Washington County Sherrifs

Murders: 0 Rapes: 9 Robberies: 6 Assaults: 44 Burglaries: 224 Thefts: 1110 Auto thefts: 73 There are different steps that are being taken to reduce crime in that city. It is important to ensure that people know their rights can trust the county. Actions of the county have to be beneficial for people. For the