The Law and the Media

The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act of 1988 gives creators of copyright material the right to control the ways in which the copyright material can be used. In this regard, it is important to lay emphasis on the fact that the copyright arises when an individual or organization creates a work and applies to the

Effect of Words on Feelings and Emotions of People

The scientific novelty of the study is that it is a first comprehensive study of emotions involving linguistic data and psycho-physiological approach. In particular, for the first time is shown how language is reflected in the correlation between emotion and psycho-physiological state of the human body. Theoretical basis of this research is the psychological models

Cloning of Rhesus Monkey

Cloning: promises and issues The last decades of the XX century brought the rapid development of one of the main branches of biological science – molecular genetics. Already in the early 1970’s, scientists in the lab began to receive and clone the recombinant DNA molecules in test tubes to cultivate the cells and tissues of

Issues of Intercultural Communication Represent

Intercultural communication also means learning from each other, such as strategic and organizational talent of the Swiss, or improvisational talent of the Finns, Germans’ punctuality, courtesy of the Japanese and the Koreans, the hospitality of the Kazakhs. On the background of intercultural communication, many people have benefits from sharing experiences with colleagues from different countries.

Computer Security and Data Protection

The rights of different groups of people involved in healthcare are outlined in the policy of Georgetown University in detail (Protection of Health Information Policies and Procedures Manual, 2003), while in other documents, there is no clear analysis of different shareholders’ rights. One major difference of information security policy of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

The Influence of Age on Making Pot Legal

However, Californians passed the Moscone Act in 1976, which decriminalized possession of marijuana and removed prison sentences. For the next 20 years, until the medical marijuana initiative was passed in 1996, California’s marijuana laws did not change substantially (Khatapoush & Hallfors, 2004). In such a way, new legislative initiatives eased the criminal liability for marijuana

The Impact of Wealth and Materialism

On the other hand, the main message the artist wanted to convey to the audience was the revelation of the natural beauty contrasted to the beauty of the gold rock, which symbolizes wealth and prosperity. To put it more precisely, Andy Goldsworthy shows the beauty of the wild nature to show people that the wild

Impact of Unemployment on Social Issues

The next is the problem of crime in the U.S. In recent decades, crimes in the U.S. have more open, widespread and severe forms. It should be noted that unemployment leads to enhanced growth rates of crime and increasing involvement of youth in this sphere, the concentration of crime in cities and industrial centers. Also,