Was disability worth cheating death for? Sleepless nights.

I’ve got quite a lot done this week where Facing The Music is concerned – more of that later.

But what I’ve really struggled with this week is sleepless nights – with a lot of the Facing The Music content on my mind. I spoke in my article  about experiencing all sorts of disability-related mistreatment and abuse – as of my next post one of these incidents will appear each week until others begin contributing their own experiences.

The fact that these incidents will begin to be spoken about is a really good thing for me in a way of course but obviously none of them have been nice to remember and have often left me feeling traumatised, worthless or both, despite my determination to fight.

But what will help me beat future sleepless nights is that people are slowly but surely starting to listen and respond! So that the push for change can begin sooner!

A kind email from a friend who understood the severity of my disability-experiences from my article has made all the difference!

And then there was the interest of a total stranger (who I phoned on a blog-helpline just before writing this.) Thanks Kyle! These reachings-out make a difference! That’s really what’s needed to make this campaign make a noise and achieve its aim sooner!




2 thoughts on “Was disability worth cheating death for? Sleepless nights.”

  1. Everything is veгy open with а really clear description of the issues.
    It was realⅼy informative. Your website is extremely helpful.
    Many thɑnks for sharing!

    1. Many thanks for getting in touch and sorry for the delay in replying! I thought that I would be alerted to comments automatically but apparently not so I must check more often. The success of this campaign really depends on people being interested and commenting and sharing so Thank-you! This particular post (Sleepless Nights) was quite difficult to write so I’m glad it is getting some attention. I am starting to get some political interest in the campaign and have been invited to a parliamentary meeting to discuss this further so I’m very excited! I’ve also just recorded the performances for the opening performance so now the pressure is off a bit until the campaign opens next month I’ll start blogging more – starting today. Please keep reading! Best wishes, Rosie

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