ON THE MOVE! – and thanks!

That’s right!

My new website is up and running so I am, indeed on the move!

I remember my last house-move. What started as one small pile soon became a mass of well-organised (if I do say so myself!) labelled boxes, each labelled with an “Immediate” or “Long-term” sticker so that I had everything neccessary close to hand, ready to unpack after about an hours of moving into my new small but characterful – and MUCH cheaper than London – house!

Well, this move is a helluva lot simpler!

The regular blog-posts will still continue in the same way but everything will be housed in a really nice website designed by The Creation Lab of Dartford.

Please keep following me at my new address which will house my blog from now on https://www.facing-the-music.co.uk/

You’ll still be able to reply to posts as before – speaking of which, I know some of you are waiting for an individual reply from me. I haven’t forgotten you! – I’ll be in touch within the next week.

Huge thanks for all your comments!!! Keep them coming! This has been and is a very difficult campaign to run and the fact that people back the need for change and make the effort to stand up to say it is really encouraging! Thank you!

You might want to check out The Naked Truth too
– my online advertising tool to get this campaign out there being talked about. PLEASE PLEASE do share it – I need as many people as possible to know about this campaign!

,strong>See you Friday on my new site

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