My 1st post-campaign-opening post – thanks everyone for getting in touch!

As of the title, Facing The Music has now opened – with hints of a promising next few months!

Here is a picture of the opening-night performance – a trailer of this will follow soon – once I’ve sorted the finances out. For now here is a picture.

Beginning of play “Facing The Music” as I face what looks to be the last night of my life. Props shown include my coffin, labelled RIP Rosie, the “Box of Bollocks Excuses” and culinary ingredients to put together a recipe of disaster. I’m remembering how badly I’ve been treated as I’ve become sicker, I’m contemplating my almost-certain death following a visit from my surgeon and I’m promising myself that if I do survive I’ll make the most of my 2nd chance. The irony of this will soon be seen as I am treated unacceptably because I am seen as “dis-abled.”

A big publicity-drive online will soon appear online – called The Naked Truth. I work as a lifemodel as well as a musician so the title means exactly what it sounds like!

As far as the campaign goes I will be discussing the campaign with assorted MPs later in the month so I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime please keep emailing and sharing. Much appreciated!

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