My 1st follower speaks out – I’m not alone!

This week has been a brilliant week – sort of! Although the contents of this response must obviously have been awful for the person who suffered them this is exactly the stuff I need to force the powers-that-be to accept that  the problem of “dis-abled” mistreatment is wide-spread and needs the actions that Facing The Music intends to fight for.

I’m so sorry you’ve had to put up with so much bollocks Danny but thanks so much for speaking out. You’re a star!Let’s get this campaign started!


I’ve being through lots of abuse ever since I was a child, each and every stage of my life I’ve had one battle after another because of people abusing me because I have Asperger’s Syndrome and epilepsy since I was 2 years old.

At school I had to take on one gang of bullies after another involving physical abuse, verbal abuse and verbal assault. At first I kept doing things the right way, telling the teacher. The problem there was teachers aren’t allowed to do anything to them, there is no consequences. When I couldn’t put up with it anymore I came to the conclusion being violent back to them was the only way to scare them away. From nursery to year 8 was full of violent fights between bullies and I, out on the streets as well as at school. The last few years of school were more peaceful because I was transferred to a school for people with disabilities and special needs. People I tried to make friends with at mainstream either bullied or neglected me.

During adulthood, as well as having to fight people in the society I’ve had to fight with the police, Hull City Council, MPs and others with more power and authority to do their jobs. During adulthood I couldn’t use violence as a solution. Last year all of them left me living as a victim of a disability hate crime for over 6 months. I had to pose a great threat on the police to make them do their job, since I’m allowed to call the emergency line when people put my life at risk, so I had to use my epilepsy against them. I told them if they don’t start taking action I will stop reporting it to 101 and report my life at risk to 999. If you make me do so your emergency services will be dragged here over 30 times a week, the NHS as well as you. I best see action within one week. Even though I was the victim of the hate crime the police were taking rights from me.

Another problem is there’s no consequences when adults commit abuse, as long as there’s no evidence the villain will deny it and the police just say it’s word against word.


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