Modern tolerant Britain? 8 acts of disability-discrimination – against ONE person

So imagine you’re me.

Here is a list of how I’ve been mistreated specifically because I’m considered “dis-abled.” Apparently this is OK judging by the lack of consequences for each.

As I said in my article  “The range of ways that you can be mistreated if you wear the “dis-abled”   label is vast  – It’s a big, wide abuse-umbrella!

Would you accept this?

You’re in the firing-line for this too if you are/risk become “dis-abled” – so everybody really!

I’ve avoided listing these instances up till now to avoid sounding like I’m doing a  “poor me” rant. But I’ve realised I should so people realise the enormity of the issue and what Facing The Music is fighting for. For me and for every other “dis-abled” person.

As my script says – “No-one is ‘safe’ from dis-ability. One unexpected diagnosis. One drunk driver and you are me.

Please get involved. This campaign needs to know your experiences if it is to make a difference! Here’s my list –

  1. DENIED MY 1st JOB  – My sightloss acted as a beacon to its cause – a recurrent life-threatening tumour.  After a successful interview the Occupational Health Department of the council concerned would not give me medical clearance to begin my job despite the fact that I was qualified and had been selected for the job. Every non-criminal in–“did-abled” person would be able to look forward to starting their new job by this stage.  On top of this I had already  been given written medical clearance to work from my medical professionals. As I prepared for my tribunel I discovered that no affordable legal  support was available to me. I never started the job – NO CONSEQUENSES
  2. DENIED MY 2nd JOB – Working as a formal busker in London I was denied access to any site where the manager didn’t want a “dis-abled” person. I could be sent home at any time – NO CONSEQUENCES
  3. REFUSED ENTRY TO A TRAIN BECAUSE I’M “DIS-ABLED” – Station-staff physically restrained me from boarding as there was no-one to meet me at my station – despite the fact that I stated there was no need and I had never needed to be assisted before. I could not use force to free myself as I was unsure how I would stand legally. Missed a work-meeting because of this – THE WOMAN WAS BEING “OVER-CAUTIOUS.” RATHER THAN ADMITTING HER BEHAVIOUR WAS UNNACCEPTABLEAS FAR AS I KNOW NO PUNISHMENT  WAS GIVEN
  4. CONSIDERED INCAPABLE OF CONTROLLING MY OWN MOVEMENT – A family shopping-trip. As I make the unthinkable decision to move around a shop – ALL BY MYSELF – I’m 36 by the way – my sister’s friend alerts her “Your sister seems to be wandering off” – I HAVE NOT SEEN THIS WOMAN SINCE BUT HAVE NEVER RECEIVED AN APOLOGY. AS FAR AS I KNOW, SHE HAS NEVER BEEN REPRIMANDED AND IS STILL CONSIDERED A FRIEND
  5. REFERRED TO IN THE 3rd PERSON WHEN PRESENT – I think this is a common one – still moronic though! On entry to a recording-studio the delightful security-guard tells my embarrassed husband. “You need to sign in for her.” He stood, gawping and slack-jawed when confronted.  THE RESULT OF A FORMAL COMPLAINT-PROCEDURE DEEMED HIS BEHAVIOUR “NOT RUDE. TOLD “IF YOU COMPLAIN PEOPLE WON’T HELP  YOU.”
  6. REFUSED ENTRY TO A SWIMMING-POOL – Although I never need to use a blind-swimming lane normally one leisure-centre insisted on it. On one occasion I turned up to a session and was barred because the centre would not provide a “blind-lane.” – NO CONSEQUENCES
  7. DENIED CONTROL OVER MY OWN MONEY – At the check-out in a supermarket, the cashier takes my money and offers the change to the embarrassed stranger in the queue behind me. HUMILIATING OBVIOUSLY BUT BY THE TIME THIS HAPPENED I WAS SO USED TO BEING TREATED UNACCEPTABLY WITHOUT CONSEQUENCE I DIDN’T SEE THE POINT IN MAKING A COMPLAINT
  8. DENIED CONTROL OVER MY OWN BODY– A security-bitch at an airport asks my again-embarrassed husband – “Can I search her?” – EXCUSED BY HER MANAGER WHO TELLS ME – “IT’S HER 1st DAY”

This is my 2nd chance at life post-tumour. Is this how you’d accept being treated?

Then of course there’s the violence and abuse that followed for me and can happen to anyone as they realise they are expected to accept the unacceptable and their self-esteem disintegrates.

This campaign needs you to get in touch to make it work – see my initial article to find out about how you can get involved in this campaign the simple legislation that will stamp on this bollocks!




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