Just words?

This week has been full of the usual work and not-enough-time-before Christmas-ARGGH! stuff but I’ve been facing a bit of my own music too.

A Twitter post (not about this campaign) and also another comment directly to me spoke about the use of historically abusive terms for people with disabilities that are used today without thought of their origin – such as “morons” and “dumb.”

The term “losers” still describes this worringly large thread in our society without historic conotations so “mingers and losers” it now is! The word “dumb” is also replaced.

I hope it hasn’t caused offence to anyone but if it has – I’m very sorry!

Please note that if anyone has listened to my online promo yet – “The Naked Truth” – the “boo” following the introduction of my “dis-abled” label after my tumours refers to the horrible ways this label specifically allowed me to be treated. While I have been able to remove the “mingers and morons” text from my website I have to wait for technicians to remove the “boo.” Until it is removed – should be this week.

Until then,please use the “boo” as a representative of the current non-punishment of the ridicule, discrimination, social mistreatment myself and many others have received as a direct result of being seen as “dis-abled.” Please also see it as a representation of the abuse that has affected myself and many others in my position, as your self-esteem plummets because of how you have been treated

Well, as you can imagine, I’m not feeling at my most cheerful after remembering that kind of stuff but next week I hope to end on a much more positive note – and also to have finally bought the last of my presents, put the tree up, finished work and everything else – despite the hecticness I do like Christmas!

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    1. Many thanks! It is often difficult for me to manage this campaign due to the personal nature of its content so it’s REALLY helpful to get this positive feedback! I know there has not been any new posts since Christmas – and I also apologise for the length of time it has taken me to reply! – but I PROMISE this campaign will continue! An on-line ad will appear online in the next few weeks and then posts will continue. Happy January to you! Best wishes, Rosie

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