Dark days – with light to come

This week has been an extremely difficult one!

On top of the usual heavy work-load/trying to find work work-load and tube-related pain (i’ve had a drainage-tube in my head and stomach since my 2nd tumour) I’ve had a lot of money-issues as well, due to not being paid on time. It’s been pretty nasty!

But there’s been a good deal of light too!

I’ve been trying to get trauma-related treatment since Facing The Music opened in July but have been waiting for funding. The treatment I need will help me deal with the memories of mistreatment and abuse that I have received because I am seen as “dis-abled.” In the past I have tried to give myself a degree of closure so I can get on with my life but the opening of the campaign which, although it speaks for many paper, focuses on my own very negative experiences, has been very painful, particularly as, the way our law stands at the moment, many of them could happen again at any time.

I have now got the funding to begin CBT which is really going to help me as I run this campaign! The fact that my struggle was recognised by someone really helped too!

I have also found some comments that people have written about my initial article and this has been uplifting too so please keep them coming!

The “Naked Truth”ad is also nearly ready to go online to advertise this so hopefully more people will be following this soon!

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