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Thanks to everyone who’s got in touch so far! As I’ve said this is just what this campaign needs if it’s going to achieve its goal! In the comments you’ve sent, many of you have asked questions so today I’ll try to answer the ones that have come up a lot! Some of you have asked for individual contact too and I’ll be in touch in the next week. This will definitely be my last post on this site now as I’m having huge problems with the site but PLEASE come to my new site where the posts will continue – Hope to see you there!

1) HOW DO I WRITE THE POSTS – Really, it’s just based on 3 things – firstly my own experiences of mistreatment and how they’ve been ignored or, secondly, and more importantly, what other people tell me about theirs. Lastly, since being a teenager I’ve also observed that a lot of journalistic writing, is restricted by particular types of formulaic style, to which the writer ABSOLUTELY MUST stick to! This rule seems to be not really about observing sensible trouble-avoiding strategies but more about the media feeding the public with what they ‘should’ hear – either sensationalist stuff or heartstrings-tugging, yawnsome steriotypes. For example, the few times I have spoken out about my mistreatment, journalists have only wanted to focus on my “brave survival” even when I’ve told them how I’ve been treated. It’s time Reality was faced and dealt with!

2) REQUESTS TO WRITE CERTAIN POSTS IN MORE DETAIL/CAN I MAKE MY ARTICLES MORE ATTENTION-GRABBING? – Re the 1st bit – absolutely noted. This will be covered in the next post! Re the 2nd part of the question please see and share my new web-site, particularly the online promo material That should grab your attention!

3) GIVING ME ENCOURAGEMENT, APPRECIATION AND COMPLIMENTS – This is REALLY appreciated! This campaign is very difficult for me, particularly because some of it is very personal so when people were not even responding it got me down quite a bit. But you’ve been brilliant guys! For those who have said I’ve been able to help them or their friends, great! That’s just what this campaign is for! Hopefully, I will live to see it succeed!

4) QUESTIONS ABOUT AVOIDING HACKERS – Unfortunately, I can’t be much help on this – thankfully this is something I have so far avoided! I do, however, get TONS of adverts on my site every day which I simply have to plough through and remove – mostly about trainers or pharmaceutical drugs?!? Not sure why – particularly as during tumours I’ve had enough pharmaceutical stuff to last me a lifetime!!!

5) SAYING THE WEBSITE HAS HELPED – Great, that’s part of what it’s for! I hope it continues to do so!

6) I.T/ WEBSITE ADVICE/ RSS FEEDS AND WHERE DO I GET MY INFO FROM – Unfortunately, the 1st bit is one area I can’t help on much as I’m fairly hopeless at I.T. stuff – running this blog is making me learn though! While all the written content is mine which I combine with very simple online free clip-Art, the site I use for this blog is Go-Daddy. I find this mostly quite easy to use! My new website which contains my blog too, was created by a Dartford-based company called “Creation Lab” and also a helpline (UK-based, I think) called KnowHow have been really helpful when I’ve run into I.T-related confusion! Also, a lot of people are saying they struggle with RSS feeds and many other I.T. issues with this blog – please go to my website (address is above) and follow the blog from there – and keep the comments coming!!!

7) THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN BOUGHT BREAKFAST/LUNCH BECAUSE OF SHARING ARTICLE-CONTENT – Wow! Who said there is no such thing as a free lunch – or breakfast, of course! Glad I could be of help!

8) CAN PEOPLE SHARE MY ARTICLES/ CAN NEWSPAPERS USE THEM? – In a nutshell, yes! The success of this campaign relies on publicity! However, I would ask that any newspaper wanting to use it contact me first please – either through this blog or through my new website as above

9) DO I GET SPAM? – OH YEAH! There’s no easy way to get rid of it either. I just plough through it – but I get all your comments too, guys, so it’s all good!

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