disabilityrightsfight.comYou can risk this surgery and treatment. Or you can stop all treatment and go home.

Ever since my sudden transition from an “able” to a “dis-abled” person after a life-threatening brain-tumour I’ve often found myself wondering if I made the right decision!

The range of ways you can be mistreated if you wear the “dis-abled” noose is horribly vast. But they all have 1 thing in common – an almost total lack of consequences, whether social or legal.  And that’s what my campaign “Facing The Music” will fight determinedly to change!

My answer to the no consequences disaster of disability-rights comes down to some simple legislation based around a word often avoided now. The word “normal.” Arggh! The loser’s guide as to why it’s OK to treat a “dis-abled” person badly is that with  the word “normal” safely out of the picture,  they can get away with pretty much any unacceptable behaviour.

And that’s how I came up with the legal model of “ Norm and Norma”. The most important thing to know about them is that their  expectations are bog-standard. Because they’re – NORMAL! Norm and Norma legislation will also state that the focus should be on the action towards them, rather than on the intention given by the offender – I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard or experienced someone covering an unacceptable action with  “I was  only trying to help” – meaning “so I should get away with it.” And they usually do. How great it would be for thieves if a plea of – “I only commited the robbery because my family are skint,” meant they always got off scot-free!

My legal model for real  disability-rights also includes simple procedures for carers’ voices and protection for people who work in customer-service roles and just want to do their jobs properly. Which would then leave  those people and systems determined to treat “dis-abled” people unacceptably very little room to manoeuver!

“Facing The Music” will  begin with an auto-biographical mixed-arts production which starts as I take what looks to be my last journey in this life to the operating-theatre. And the memories that are flashing before me aren’t particularly nice. I’m remembering people’s constant scorn and ridicule as I become sicker and the tumour takes more and more of my sight. As I’m reaching what looks to be my last few moments of life, we see a dying teenager vowing that if she does survive and things return to normal she’ll make the most of her 2nd chance at life.

Unfortunately as my story progresses my audience will see how my 2nd chance at life has over and over again been unbelievably scarred  through mistreatment specifically because I am “dis-abled.”  – firstly because of the “mingers and losers”  who directly mistreat me in order to feel better about their own failings. But secondly and even more worryingly, because these actions often receive no or very little consequences. I’ve seen, all too often, how unfair, inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour towards dis-abled people is often  ignored or ok’ed by our society.

It always was going to be a pretty unpleasant subject to deal with but hopefully this has really shown me that sometimes a touch of humour can be found, even in the darkest of places. As the script says alongside its “mingers and losers” characterization – “If this is really God’s portrayal of a survival-of- the-fittest social pyramid, He’s got a pretty amazing sense of humour!” But it won’t end when the performance is over – expected to be staged  in 2018.

I’ve already heard  many stupid “reasons” why I and everyone else like me in the “dis-abled group” should put up and shut up – one being that there’s  more important stuff going on at the moment. Other important stuff certainly!

But when did immoral treatment of a particular group of individuals become unimportant?

And I’m sure that that  very same “not important” brush-off was thrown at every women’s-rights, gay rights and black rights campaign too. Thankfully people ignored it and carried on fighting!

Another “put up and shut up” excuse may be that I’m not a politician or a lawyer. So what do I know about legal models and legislation? Well, I know at least a bit more than the people who thought our current disability-rights position was OK obviously! And I also know that peoples’ support can move mountains!  Which is just what I and everyone else needs. Because no-one is “safe” from disability!!

Please follow my blog (link is at the top of the page – I’m having some IT probs and can’t move it. SORRY!) as my campaign prepares to begin disabilityrightsfight.com/
and PLEASE get involved. Let me know your thoughts and send in your own experiences in the disability-rights area in the Comments sections of my blog – the powers-that-be won’t do anything  unless they have solid proof that this isn’t just me being very  unlucky. Until they are forced to admit that this is a massive injustice in our society! Because the force of the determined many can push  a change as morally right as this one into reality. Where it belongs! Please see below for a script-excerpt and my recording of the 1st piece from the Facing The Music production – “A Wind At Rook’s Haven” (written by Roxanna Panufnik, published by Peters)