About time!

This week will be all about getting the timing right.


After 2 rather time-consuming and scary auditions that have taken up a lot of my time I’ve now got to beat the pre-Christmas I-need-to-be-buying-presents-not-looking-at-campaigns rush if I’m to publicise this to my 2nd list of contacts.

Wish me luck! – and if  my publicity has worked and you’re new to this blog thanks for looking – have you read the “About Me” section which will give lots of information about this campaign?


3 thoughts on “About time!”

    1. Glad you liked my article! I’m starting to get parliamentary interest too so hopefully soon I will be able to change thing for the better for many people! You will of course see that I have not blogged for a while. As of today I will go back to blogging every Friday afternoon/evening. Please do keep following and sharing and keep in touch!

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